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Evergreen Park Community High School

9901 S Kedzie Ave

Evergreen Park, IL  60805

(enter through the main parking lot off Kedzie)

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

Days Closed

Memorial Day - May 28th

The credit union will be closed on days when the Evergreen Park Community High School District 231 offices are closed including snow/cold & emergency days.

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Phone    (708) 229-0322

Fax        (708) 229-1841

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Vehicle Loans

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Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union must be named as lien holder on your vehicle title and insurance.  The Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union must also be in possession of the vehicle title and a copy of your insurance declaration for your loan file.

Share Secured Loans

4.50% for up to 72 months

Shares must fully cover your outstanding loan balance.

Unsecured Signature Loans     A                   B                      C                  D

        Credit Score                                700 +               699 - 660             659 - 600          599 - 500

                                                         $15,000                $8,000                 $6,000             $6,000

        36 months                               6.25% apy          7.25% apy           9.75% apy       12.00% apy

        up to 60 months                      7.25% apy          8.25% apy                 N/A                   N/A

The amount you can borrow and your Annual Percentage Rate is determined by your specific credit history and the length of your loan. Your specific Interest Rate and APR will be disclosed to you at the time of the loan advance.

Education Loans

Payday Alternative Loan (PAL)

PAL is designed to provide members with an alternative to high cost sources of credit.

PAL is designed to be quick and easy for our members. Any member 18 years, and older, who is a full time employee with payroll deduction/direct deposit/ACH direct deposit is eligible for immediate approval by a Credit Union Loan Officer.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Save .25% on any loan by paying through payroll deduction or ACH-Auto Pay

where we deduct the payment directly from your checking account.

  • The rate for an Education Loan is to be a fixed rate of .50% less than the Members qualifying Signature Loan rate.
  • The standard term for an Education Loan will be the same as the Members qualifying Signature Loan term. Payments are not deferred.
  • Education Loans are unsecured loans and cannot exceed the amount of the Members qualifying Signature Loan amount.
  • All Credit Union policies for loans apply to Education Loans.
  • Checks will be disbursed to the Educational Institution. The member must provide proof of enrollment.
  • Education Loan can be applied towards tuition and fees.
  • Any money returned to the Member from the educational institution should be returned to Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union.

Maximum Amount:



Loan Application Fee:


18% apy

Up to 4 months to repay


  • Applicants must be a member of Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union for at least 3 months and establish payroll deduction/direct deposit/ACH direct deposit (occurring at least twice before loan).
  • Applicants will have no delinquent loans with Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union in the past 6 months and no Bankruptcy discharged in the past year.
  • Applicants applying for a PAL loan must be able to appear in person to sign a loan agreement & disclosure statement.
  • Applicants may not have more than one PAL loan. A member must pay off a PAL loan completely before another PAL loan is issued. A PAL loan may not be refinanced or extended.
  • Applicants who have been delinquent with past (past year) PAL loans will not be eligible for a new PAL loan.
Credit ScoreA+ABCD
Vehicle Year760+700 - 759660 - 699600 - 659599 - 0
2017 & Newer36 Months3.50% apy3.75% apy4.75% apy6.25% apy10.0% apy
48 Months3.75% apy4.00% apy5.00% apy6.50% apy10.25% apy
60 Months4.00% apy4.25% apy5.25% apy6.75% apy11.00% apy
72 Months4.25% apy4.50% apy5.75% apy7.00% apr11.50% apy
84 Months4.50% apy4.75% apy6.00% apyN/AN/A
2016 - 201236 Months3.75% apy4.00% apy5.50% apy7.50% apy11.00% apy
48 Months4.00% apy4.25% apy5.75% apy7.75% apy11.25% apy
60 Months4.25% apy4.50% apy6.00% apy8.00% apy11.50% apy
Purchase over $25,00072 Months4.50% apy4.75% apy6.25% apyN/AN/A
2011- 200736 Months4.00% apy4.25% apy6.50% apy8.00% apy11.75% apy
48 Months4.25% apy4.50% apy6.75% apy8.25% apy11.75% apy
2006 or older36 Months4.50% apy4.75% apy7.50% apy8.50% apy11.75% apy
48 Months4.75% apy5.00% apy7.75% apy8.75% apy12.00% apy

Recreational Vehicles

Boats, Motorcycles, Watercraft & RVs

Credit ScoreA+ABCD
Vehicle Year760+700 - 759660 - 699600 - 659599 - 0
2017 & NewerUp to 60 Months2.50% apy2.75% apy3.75% apy5.00% apy9.00% apy
72 Months2.75% apy3.25% apy4.50% apy5.25% apr9.50% apy
New Vehicle - no more than 2 mo. old or never been titled84 Months3.00% apy3.50% apy4.75% apyN/AN/A
2016 - 2012up to 48 Months3.00% apy3.50% apy4.50% apy5.50% apy9.50% apy
60 Months3.25% apy3.75% apy4.75% apy5.75% apy9.75% apy
Purchase over $25,00072 Months3.75% apy4.00% apy5.00% apyN/AN/A
2011 - 2001Up to 36 Months3.75% apy4.00% apy5.25% apy6.00% apy10.00% apy
48 Months4.50% apy4.75% apy5.75% apy6.75% apy10.25% apy
2000 or olderUp to 36 Months5.25% apy5.50% apy6.75% apy7.75% apy11.25% apy